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We loved our trip! Everything was really well designed and we feel we had so many varied experiences and exciting adventures. All the guides were really excellent. We are also extremely grateful for your continuous support and responsiveness throughout our journey. Thank you for everything.
Cathy & Christopher Ehrke, UK

I am totally blown away by your level of details and the absolute brilliance of our trips!! Could cry with gratitude!

Annie Morris, UK


Vanessa loves to travel more than anyone else I know, is so passionate, has the best taste and style, will listen to you and create something truly magical for you.

Beth Crowell, USA

Your work has made a usually stressful process a joy.

Emily Bendell, UK

It is hard to please my husband but I haven’t heard one single complaint so thank you again.


Thanks for your help again this year. You have been fantastic as always. The villa was great, and it was so great that you found a good hotel that was literally 4 mins drive from our house for that last unexpected night when our flight was cancelled. We are big fans of your services as you can tell!

Joachim O., London

When we set out to plan our round-the-world trip, I knew the first person I needed to speak to was Vanessa! She has more travel knowledge than anyone else I know and I trust her opinions 100%.

Courtney Adamo, Australia

Adamo & Babyccino co-founder

Thank you again for all the efforts done. It has been for us an unforgettable experience that we will always remember. You set the standards so high, it will be very difficult to get over!!

Jordi & Bea G., Spain

Vanessa has been my travel guru since she had her blog BozAround. I was always checking it out for inspiration. Couldn’t be happier when she decided to start a private travel business! She organised my family last big trips and it’s exactly what I needed: deep knowledge, good taste, practical approach and responsive feedback. She is now my personal dream maker, can’t ask for more.

Francesca Berti, Italy

Thank you so much for all the work behind the scenes to make this such a special trip for us. We had an amazing time and so appreciate all the details and the planning you put into it for us. It was really a pleasure to work with you and the special things you planned were spot on. We loved the hotel and restaurant choices and were treated really well at all the hotels and made to feel special.

Julie Gersten, Los Angeles

I am a huge fan of BozAround since I’m pretty obsessed with travel. I love how Vanessa weaves in so much of her personality.

Yolanda Edwards, USA

YOLO founder & ex-Conde Nast Traveler creative director

Vanessa has an innate ability to suggest the most soulful places to sleep, eat and see.

Devika Kumari, UK

I’ve been raving about you to anyone who will listen!

Erin Bader, Canada

Vanessa is creative, organised and so resourceful! We are proud to be one of her first clients.

Erica Wax, UK

Vanessa intuitively knew what is right for us as a family and has created an exciting adventure that we as a family will cherish always. 

Chrysanthy F., UK

You never cease to amaze me with your attention to detail and tremendous thoughtfulness. Thank you for all of the coordination, it was truly a magical trip.
Whitney Brown, USA

There is virtually no where on the globe where Vanessa doesn’t have a connection.
Robin Krasny, USA

Thank you for taking the time to understand our family and to tailor such a wonderful experience for us. You laid out such an inspiring set of memories we will treasure. Everything was organised so smoothly, all we had to do is just show up and relish it!

Siren Beckman, France

You are the best. Thank you for the magical set up that you arranged for my birthday.

Eren O., Turkey

Our trip was truly magical. We had the most wonderful time and everything in the organization was flawless. Thank you for your lovely notes that met us along our journey. 

Alison G., London

So much of who we are is where we have been

William Langewiesche