You know the street artist Banksy, right? Did you know that he has a hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine? It’s called the Walled Off Hotel and generates lots of controversy, as you’d expect.  But whichever side of the wall you are on, Banksy can be praised for using art and hospitality as a vehicle for communication (mediation?). If you stay at the Walled Off, you could find yourself literally sleeping inside a work of art, and not just works of his. There are  graffiti workshops regularly organised, and the hotel welcomes visitors from both sides of the wall for a cup of tea.

Gotta love the hotel’s pitch: Why open a hotel there? What’s wrong with Shoreditch?

This place is the centre of the universe – every time God comes to earth it seems to happen near here. The architecture and landscape are stunning, the food delicious and the current situation remarkable and touching. This is a place of immense spiritual and political significance – and very good falafel. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. * (not actually legally enforceable).

I just finished planning an itinerary in Israel for a mother and her 12-year old son. In lieu of a lavish bar mitzvah, she had the wonderful idea of taking him to Jerusalem for a few days. Exploring the history of this incredible city but also venturing out in the surroundings. An excellent way to engage with an inquisitive teenager. The Power of Travel. 


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